AKON Inc, Website with Custom Enquiry

React Framework-based Web application

AKON Inc, is an establishment based in the USA, CA for the production of various parts used with Arm forces, Setelaites, and other radio / chip based equipments. 

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Project Time - 20 Weeks
Project Requirement

A website with easy to access product specification, datasheet and enquiry management system.

A website that provides all products' technical specifications, Datasheets, product block diagrams, and other details that are very important for AKON's clients to review.

The website also needs a specific inquiry system that will allow visitors to submit custom product inquiry that allows the visitor to enter their own specification of products.

Last but not the list, an easy geo-based sales representative page to provide agent/sales team of AKON for specific areas of the USA or outside the USA


We discussed and analyzed what information we need to show for each product and how the specifications were presented for visitors of a website to make it easy for them to review all specifications and drawings of the product.

We closely worked with the client and designed the front page, product listing, and product detail pages and after a few alteration sessions, we were able to design that meets client expectations and also fit with the website's easy access product information requirement. 

To meet the product specification presentation a vast backend system was required that allow engineers to add any kind of specification and link it with the product, our team works on the details and created a well-managed product management system along with easy to manage "Enquriy system" for AKON Inc. 

A website backend with an inquiry or lead management system, Geo-based sales rep. management and Generating online PDF of product datasheet.  

Project URL - https://akoninc.com/

Technology & Cost

Team & Project Modules

Our Team

Our 8 members team worked on this project for 20 weeks to deliver the web application with its own inquiry system, online pdf creator and easy-to-manage product with vast specification


  • 4 Web developers (4 years+ exp.)
  • 1 Web designer (6 years + exp.) 
  • 1 Tester
  • 1 Project Coordinator
  • 1 Project Manager

Our Responsiblities

Technology & Cost







Adobe Photoshop

Project Cost: $11500 - fix Cost
Project Time: 20 Weeks
Client: AKON Inc, - Sandeep

Final Product

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