Open-source web application development is customized, secure, robust, and highly reliable for clients who handle outsourcing work for various industries in a cost-effective mode. This particular application is based on the programming language PHP and the database MySQL. Its usage not only requires programming and knowledge of the industry but also productively applies and augments those mechanisms.

What are the advantages of Open source web application development?

  • It is flexible and offers complete ingeniousness to the source code of the product.
  • It can be obtained free of cost, with community support and a time-effective mode.
  • It offers a wide depository of modules and Plug-ins, along with the ability to audit.
  • It is easier in the application of interface for webmaster and accessible to wide resources of tutorials.
“Specialty of Ask Online Solutions in Open source web application development”
  • We facilitate the site owners to create protected, resourceful and effectual websites in the minimum time period, and that too by the installation of the Ask Online Solutions wizard with a single click.
  • We provide free usage of a content management systems and a feature called Template selection that you can use to customize the appearance of your website.
  • We have also developed features for developers which enable them to build their modules on extensible architecture with control over HTML code and URL management.
  • Those who are designers can instantly use Ask Online Solutions to get hassle-free documentation and achieve a significant amount of customization.
  • We provide very well-structured folders to help you locate and edit them easily as JS, XML, CSS, and image files can be easily edited from the section of Admin.