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Corporate Website With Products Showcase

AeroSphereEnvrio, is an Air Filter manufacturing company looking forward to an easy-to-access website for their clients and we have delivered a very simple but eye-catching design to make their professional web presence along with products showcase and enquiry system.

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Project Time - 2 Weeks
Project Requirement

An easy to access, user friendly and informative website to showcase company products and services for their end client and business associates.

The client was looking for a simple but eye-catching website that helps to promote the services and products they offered for the HVAC industry.

The client was looking for keyword reach content for easy SEO and respective images for products.


We first discussed each product and its use with HVAC and created the draft of the content for each page along with the home, about, services, and each product description.  

On the basis of content, we have designed the structure of the website that meets client requirements as well SEO requirements.

We selected images from various sources (Paid or Free) for the Hero section and banners for other pages.  For the products, we did a photo shoot to get clear images of each product and worked on each to look perfect on the website.

Finally, we crafted the website to make it a perfect balance of information, pictures, and branding. 

Technology & Cost

Team & Project Modules

Our Team

Our 4 members’ team worked on this project for 3 weeks to deliver the website with its own text and product images branded with the company logo.

  • 1 backend (WordPress) developer ( 3 years + exp.)
  • 1 Web designer (6 years + exp.) and
  • 1 content writer (5 year + exp.)
  • 1 Project Coordinator

Our Responsiblities

Technology & Cost







Adobe Photoshop

Project Cost: $750 - fix Cost
Project Time: 3 Weeks
Client: AeroSphere Enviro Pvt Ltd - Vikash

Final Product

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