Mr. T Cameo App - Apps for Mr. T fans to get personalized greetings


Mr. T, a well know USA actor famous for his role as B. Baracuse in the 1980s television series The A-Team. 


He is very active and always delivers positive messages to their fan club. This app “Mr. T” is one of ways to get in touch with Mr. T and request personalised Audio and Video messages for loved once. 

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Project Time - 20 Weeks
Project Requirement

Design & Develop an React Native based application that will allow Mr. T fans to listen pre-recorded voice and give them an option to request personalized voice or video messages.

The app is designed with closed input from Mr. T and his team. They want the app to give the "Gold" look of Mr. T as he loves to wear Gold.

We have made the design to make it easy to explore the latest free audio of Mr. T along with the latest news and updates about Mr. T.


We have created the logo icons as per Mr. T's presence and "Personalize Message" request with step by step process to keep it simple.

The app has easy option to request and check Mr. T personalized message and option to submit a feedback.

The app is backed with a react backend system that give easy access to Mr. T and his team to update free messages, view perosnlized message request with all details, submit recorded messages and change status of request.

The system also include a financial report to identify the growth of Mr. T pesonalized messages.

Technology & Cost

Team & Project Modules

Our Team

Our 5 members’ team worked on this project for more than 20 weeks to deliver project, currently, the app is under app submission process

  • 1 backend developer ( 5 years + exp.)
  • 1 mobile app developer (4 years + exp.) and
  • 1 designer (5 year + exp.)
  • 1 Project Coordinator
  • 1 Tester

Our Responsiblities

Technology & Cost






Project Cost: $15000
Project Time: 20 Months
Client: Sam, Mr. T

Final Product

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